Best and Worst – February Beauty Products


People say that you gradually start to care more and more about your skincare routine the later you get into your twenties, well, that is so true. Rewind to 18/19 year old me, sleeping with my make-up on, using basic supermarket moisturisers (when I remembered) and putting make-up on over the previous days make-up.

Literally the thought of doing all that now makes my toes curl. I have increasingly become more interested in what I am actually doing to my skin, what products will prevent wrinkles (scary and a little premature, I know) and which moisturiser will make me glow like Miranda Kerr.

I would say I have become really serious about skincare more in the last 5 months. Which is why I am forever trying new products and my bank balance definitely proves this. I am a sucker for reading brilliant reviews and then feeling the need to buy that product RIGHT NOW!

So with that said, here are some of my February favourites and least favourites. Some of these I have been using a little longer but I haven’t had the time to blog as much these days, so please excuse me for that!



Sunday Riley; Good Genes £85

I researched this little bottle of joy solidly for a good few months. I just simply couldn’t warrant spending that much money on one tiny little product. I work right near a Space NK and I would go in a few days a week and rub this into my hand, my head saying “Don’t you dare Leanne!” and my heart saying “Well 5,000 reviews can’t be wrong”. Eventually my heart won and I caved and I am so freakin’ glad I did.

I literally couldn’t live without this now. Within two days of using it I could already notice the difference in my skin, the texture, the colour and my blemishes reduced significantly. I agree that some expensive, high end skincare brands are over-rated and not worth the money, but trust me when I tell you, this is not one of them!


Alpha H; Liquid Gold £31

Another more pricey brand, which seems cheap compared to Sunday Riley now, but definitely worth the money once again. I see this as my little weekly facial in a bottle. This brand are actually known for helping acne sufferers and after continuous breakouts I decided to give this one product out of their range a try.

I use this before I go to sleep and I can visibly see the work it has done overnight. The Glycolic Acid, liquorice and silk proteins help to tighten, reduce pores and brighten the appearance of your skin. Also if you’re thrifty like me you will enjoy the fact that a little goes a long way with this product, it will last you a really long time.

This really is a pot of Liquid Gold!


Nanogen; Root Boost £5

I have unfortunately taken after my Dad when it comes to my hairline. Meaning that I now have to be careful with my parting incase it looks too thin, weep. This has been stressing me out big time the past few weeks and I have loaded up on the hair loving vitamins to try and get it to grow back a little. Whilst looking in Boots the other day I noticed this bottle amongst other “thinning” hair products and thought I would give it a bash.

You can use this on wet or dry hair, whenever you want, so I have used it every day since and have to say I have noticed a massive difference. It just makes my hair look a lot thicker, more bouncy and healthy. Definitely the boost it needed and it’s as cheap as chips for how happy this makes me!


Aussie; Miracle Hair Insurance £8

Having ombre, highlighted hair, I suffer with the curse of the dry ends! I picked this up in Tesco when doing my weekly shop and this has become a MUST HAVE in my beauty routine. This is a leave-in conditioner that I spray on once I have towel dried my hair and before I brush it through, making the whole tangly, post bath hair a whole lot easier. I try not to blow-dry my hair as much these days to prevent further damage and dryness, so going to bed with wet hair + letting this little beauty work it’s magic = lovely soft locks when you wake up!

I’m yet to start splurging in the hair-care department as I feel supermarket hair brands work wonders for me. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken hey!? Plus I don’t think my purse would appreciate me very much if I did.



Sanitas; Oil Free Moisturiser £30

After watching Jaclyn Hill rave about this range of skincare, the moisturiser in particular, I decided to give it a try. What a waste of money. I don’t have sensitive skin AT ALL, I will very rarely suffer a rash or breakout due to a product, so when this moisturiser gave me awful bumps all over my chin and jawline I knew this was not the product for me.

This could be a personal experience but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. I didn’t like the texture, I didn’t notice any benefits to my skin and I generally thought this was a big waste of money. Sorry Sanitas 😦


JorgObe; Peel Off Mask £25

Now this was a present, so I don’t have to feel too guilty about not enjoying this product. I had watched YouTube videos on these chinese black face masks that peel off ALL of your blackheads. I was amazed to say the least. I suffer with the little sods on my nose and chin so I was super excited to order it. I decided to ask for this for christmas and luckily my boyfriend got it for me.

The first time I used it I wanted to love it so much that I think I convinced myself it had worked. In reality, it really hadn’t. I was so disappointed 😦 I decided not to give up at the first hurdle and watched more tutorials on this brand in particular, tried peeling it all different ways and still, no results, blackheads still hanging out on my nose like “Ha, better luck next time”. I can’t say that these masks are a complete waste of time as I’ve only tried this brand, I have heard the really cheap ones from China on Ebay work really well, so it’s worth me giving that a try. After how rubbish this product was though I certainly won’t be rushing to purchase another one.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please check out my social media pages if you want to have a snoop at my little life. Also do let me know if you recommend any new products as I’m always game to add to my ever growing collection!

Ta ta for now,

Lea xo



Beauty Products That Have Changed My Life

Yes, a little bit of a dramatic title, but when you buy a product and it absolutely blows you away and becomes a part of your daily beauty routine, then it certainly does change your life.

I have put together my beauty products that I simply could not live without, that I grab every day and that I would highly recommend to anyone else.

Excuse how bad the photos look, I was at my boyfriends when taking these and the lighting is atrocious!!


Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Oh my god. This eyeshadow brush is insane. I have had this almost 5 months now and I simply could not do my eyeshadow without it. I feel like this is going to be in my kit for a long, long time. We all have those off days where you literally cannot get your eyeshadow to blend right, you accidentally put too much product on the brush or whatever it may be. I feel like this brush is the answer to any of that, it blends like a dream and can make the toughest smoky eye seem like a walk in the park.

The beauty of it is I can use this for pretty much any eye shadow purpose, whether it be to blend in my crease, pile on colour in outer corners or cover the whole base of my lid.

The only down fall to these brushes is they are only stocked in America (if anyone knows anywhere that does these in the UK I will love you forever) so I had to get these shipped from the US which we all know costs an arm and a leg! 😦


Cloud Nine Straighteners

These straighteners are incredible, my old trusty GHD’s now seem like their smaller, less talented and rather annoying little sister. My mum got these a couple of years ago and after around 5/6 loyal years with my straighteners, they finally decided to take their last journey on my locks and blow up! I tried them and I have never looked back, y’know when a pair of straighteners are just so good that they just work, I don’t know how to describe it but I feel like I just plug these bad boys in and they do all the magic.

Whether it’s just straightening or doing curls and waves, you don’t have to do much for these to give you exactly the effect you are going for. Meaning my now every day, running to work, haven’t got much time hairstyles are much more low maintenance and so much easier! If you’re anything like me I like to take as little time on my hair as humanly possible in the morning!


Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eye Eraser Concealer

Now I had a funny time with this concealer, being the make-up snob that I am I tend to steer clear of drug store concealers. I suffer with fine lines under my eyes and only heavy duty, high end make-up brands seem to do the job of perfecting my under eye look.

I bought this a good 3 years ago, tried it once, hated it and it was stuck in my drawer the whole time. Then I had one of those dreaded moments when you have used every last scrap of your favourite concealer and this is the first one I saw, so I thought I’d give it a second chance. Wow, I am so glad that happened because low and behold I absolutely fell in love with it. It is so brightening with a beautiful coverage, I love the fact it disperses into the little sponge shaped like a pen as it makes this super easy to use and the sponge feels lovely against the skin.

I use this in the colour Light under my eyes, on my forehead and on my chin area. As you can see I am almost out of this so I’m excited to get a brand spanking new shiny one. The only thing I will say with this product is I feel it blends better with a beauty blender/real techniques sponge, don’t get me wrong it works perfectly fine with a brush too, but for that lovely flawless effect I would recommend using the sponge!


Tangle Teezer

I never jumped on the Tangle Teezer bandwagon until around Spring last year. I am known for being so impatient with my hair and tend to be a little rough when brushing. I heard how good these are for the hair so I thought I would give it a try. I can definitely tell this is so much better than just using a normal brush, it doesn’t pull as much on your scalp and it seems to detangle a lot quicker than most.

This is especially good for that annoying after the bath hair that takes a million years to detangle. I would highly recommend getting one of these if you have been thinking about it and they come in such beautiful colours!

Naked Flushed Blusher Palette

THIS BLUSHER. It gets me so excited even just talking about it. I think me and this blusher should get a room. I LOVE it. I bought this for my mum for her birthday and unbeknownst to her she was my guinea pig as I had had my eyes on this for a while.

I have always been a massive fan of Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palettes so I had no doubt that I would fall just as much in love with this. I really could not rave about it enough, you don’t have to do much with this product for it to look beautiful, just a swipe of your brush and a swipe on your cheeks and you’re away. I feel like Urban Decay have perfected the art of knowing what colours really work together and the bronze and blush in this palette do just that.

What is even more amazing is the highlighter included is gorgeous too! The colour pay off is incredible and I feel like I have truly found my blusher/bronzer for life. I feel like if Nars and MAC had a blusher love child this would be the result – amaze! I use this in the colour Naked which I would recommend for medium/olive skin tones.


MAC Lipstick in Syrup

I got this lippy for christmas so I haven’t had it that long at all, but it hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with it either. I am always on the hunt for that perfect, everyday, chuck in your handbag lipstick. I feel like they are the lipsticks you will get the most use out of and even better if with a little bit more make-up they can become a day to night one too. I have found just that in this lipstick.

Luckily my mum knows me very well and this was a gift from her, it’s one of their Lustre lippy’s so it’s beautifully creamy and has a gorgeous sheen to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MAC Mattes, Velvet Teddy being my all time fave, but the beauty of Syrup is you don’t need to sit in the mirror with 5 minutes to spare and use ultimate precision. I can use the reflection of the cover on my phone to apply Syrup and not have to worry about those annoying gaps you miss. I would say this is similar to MAC Brave but maybe just a teeny bit more beautiful.


MAC Prep & Prime Fix +

I don’t know how I ever lived without this stuff. I now use this every day to apply my foundation. I’ve never been absolutely mad about the result of MAC foundations but I love their coverage, so I tend to use MAC Studio Sculpt with another one mixed together, I use this to mix them and the result is a lovely, dewy, even foundation that all of us dream about. If I do fancy just going for my Studio Sculpt on it’s own for a night out then this just helps it become nice and blendable.

I know some girls use this before or after their make-up, sprayed all over their face but personally I don’t like the effect this gives for that.


Benefit POREfessional Primer

I have another love/hate story with this primer. I got this in a little tester with a Benefit order years ago, I remember loving the smell and texture but it just never blew me away enough to order a full sized one. I was browsing in Debenhams and saw this again and after reading a good review on it I thought I’d give it another whirl.

I personally have never been a massive lover of primers or have seen their significance in my make-up routine, whereas now I am completely the opposite. I can see how much this product improves the look of my foundation and the durability.

I would highly recommend this for girls who suffer from fine lines around their eyes like me too, as this does the best job of filling those in and giving you the perfect, even base to work from. I absolutely love this stuff and yes, it still smells just as incredible!

I hope you enjoyed reading, please do share your all time beauty faves with me as I love discovering new products and I would say I definitely have some room on the shelf for some brand new make-up babies in my life.

My new years resolution was to be better at blogging regularly so I will see you very soon 😉

Lea xo

15 Things Only Dog Obsessed People Will Understand

So I was meant to be doing a blog on my current favourite MAC lipsticks but unfortunately I’ve been really unwell Sunday to now 😦 damn cold virus and tonsillitis. I have however written something else which is just as close to my heart as beauty products…DOGS! I have a slight obsession to say the least and I hope if you share this passion of mine then you will find the below very relatable.

1. Pouring over adverts on pets4homes to look at all the puppies, knowing full well in the back of your mind that one, you can’t afford them and two, you wouldn’t be able to get one anyway. Weep.

2. When people see a dog and call it the wrong breed and you just want to scream from the rooftops. IT’S A PUGGLE, A MIX BETWEEN A BEAGLE AND A PUG! DUH!

3. Seeing a dog across the road or somewhere out of your reach and secretly dying a little inside that you didn’t get a cuddle

4. Being the only one at the party in the other room where the dogs are locked away. And the one thing you can’t admit is that you’re actually having more fun with the pooches!

5. Getting stupidly, overly excited when you see a breed for the first time that you’ve always wanted to see in real life! OMG – IT’S BEETHOVEN

6. Not being able to watch Marley & Me without having a full on breakdown

7. Having more photos of your dog than yourself!

8. When you first meet someone and around ten minutes in you simply have to ask. DO YOU HAVE A DOG?! IF SO LEMME SEE!

9. You probably found the loss of your first dog more upsetting than a grandparent. Yes, it’s ok to admit that.

10. Having that war in your head when you see a dog waiting for it’s owner outside a shop. ” Shall I give him a stroke? Is he going to be friendly? If he’s stressed he could potentially bite me..GAHH”

11. If you diss my dog I will literally punch you in the face.

12. At least one of your friends, family members or boyfriend regularly walks in on you crying your heart out to an animal rescue video on Facebook.

13. Planning all the breeds you are going to have when you get older and have tons of land. I’LL HAVE ONE OF EVERYTHING!

14. Genuinely believing that your dog is your best friend. And that includes having full blown conversations with them about your day.

15. Judging someone’s well-being and overall mental health when you hear them say “I’m not really a fan of dogs”. ERM…Just leave.

Hope you enjoy this and had a wee giggle. Be sure to follow me on twitter and Instagram for pictures of my beautiful dog Belle! She’s a cutie.

Until next time!

Lea xo

11 Reasons Why The Maldives Will Make You A Holiday Snob

I have just got back from a beautiful holiday to Kuredu Island in the Maldives. It’s safe to say my holiday blues are pretty bad, the city in the summer can be good and all that, but seriously you cannot beat this view.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit this stunning place three times. All of which have been the most relaxing, incredible holidays I have ever had. The sand is white, the sea is turquoise and the sky is bright blue.

All of these attributes have lead to a very annoying outcome. I am now a big fat holiday snob.

Reasons being;

1. Where else can you get a seaplane to your resort? The views are incredible and the whole experience is so exciting.


2. As soon as your feet touch that island, you are made to feel like pure royalty. You are greeted with friendly smiles, a fruity drink and the sun on your face. And not forgetting a cold, lemon scented towel, I love it when they do that!

3. Nothing is ever too much. The staff on these islands work a stupid amount of hours every day, 7 days a week, yet they can never do enough for you. Plus they are incredibly cute, you’re guaranteed to want to take one member of staff home with you. (Mine being Gary the room boy)

4. THE FOOD. Oh my god the food. I came back around 10lbs heavier after this holiday. You will eat like kings every day! I have never seen a buffet like it, the food is full of flavour and the meat is cooked to perfection. You can eat at a top London restaurant yet I guarantee you would not receive the quality and service that some of these islands provide.

5. Everyone likes to feel safe on holiday. Whether it is safe to leave your hotel at night or safe to leave your Ray-Bans on your sun bed whilst going in the sea. I have never been to a place where I feel so comfortable leaving my belongings laying around and strolling around by myself.


6. The heat. I personally find the Maldives to be a lovely heat, not that awful, sticky heat that you cannot lay in for longer than 10 minutes. Plus if you get the right part of the island you will have a cooling breeze all day long. If you have the kind of skin that tans easily you are sure to get an incredible colour on this holiday.

7. The views and sunsets. The sunsets at the Maldives are absolutely stunning. My favourite part of my holidays here are sitting outside the villa around 7pm, the sun is going down and all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing, I experience a whole different meaning of relaxation.


8. The snorkelling! I love snorkelling when I go away and I found snorkelling at the The Sun Island resort to be some of the best snorkelling experiences I have ever had. You can see reef sharks, sting rays, turtles and all other types of jazzy underwater creatures. What’s even better is the sea is usually pretty calm!

9. I spent the whole 10 days at Kuredu island bare foot. Where else can you do that? It really was amazing. Even when you go to dinner, you go bare feet. It was heaven, I didn’t realise how much I enjoy not wearing shoes! Obviously if you want to wear shoes then go ahead – but you will soon realise that it’s actually pretty refreshing not having to.


10. It really is all inclusive! You get such amazing value for money; you can pretty much get most of the cocktails you want. The alcohol is good out there too, not like when you go away and they use cheap, nasty vodka and Rum that will make your eyes water. You can have a candlit dinner on the beach with fresh lobster, the whole shebang!

11. To say I was relaxed was an understatement. As relaxing is the thing you mainly do on this holiday I would say I took full advantage. It literally got to the point where reaching for my book seemed like a massive effort. This really is the perfect place to completely recharge your batteries and enjoy utter relaxation.


I feel if you are someone who enjoys wandering around and exploring then this holiday wouldn’t be for you. I recently went on a city break to Rome so I enjoyed having a resort holiday where I could enjoy the sheer bliss of doing absolutely nothing for 10 days.

My next adventure has to be Thailand! I went on a family holiday to Phuket when I was around 12 so I didn’t fully get the chance to explore and really see the country. If you have any tips on where to go or what to do I would love to know!

My next blog is going to be on my favourite current MAC Lippies!

See you soon! xo

LBD Spring Style Challenge

Hi Guys,

So invited me to take part in their little black dress Spring style challenge. I was so excited about this as not only do I love a challenge but Spring is one of my favourite seasons of the year.

I am already getting that Spring feeling where you get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of summer evenings, not having to wear my big heavy coat, glasses of vino in beer gardens and best of all, holidays!

I love the fact they have challenged us ladies to take every woman’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe staple and turn it into a fab summer outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.37.00

I decided to go for something classy with a hint of sexiness, Tuxedo dresses are hot right now and teamed with a sleek ponytail, bold lip and statement shoes, this outfit is sure to get those heads turning. I felt showing a Spring day outfit would be far too easy, so this is my look for a Spring/Summer night out on the tiles with the girls or even the boyfriend!

I think a Coral lip is going to be huge this season, so get your hands on MAC – Vegas Volt. It is the most beautiful shade of coral and the perfect fresh, bold and girly lipstick. I love the hint of blue in Cara Delevigne’s eyes but if you feel this might be a little too daring then just stick with a nice black eyeliner along the waterline.

With the bold lip and eyes, I decided to go with a nice sleek pony. The slick rick look is effortlessly cool, easy to manage on a humid summer night and simply beautiful.

As you probably all know, these lace up heels are everywhere at the moment, whether you wear them in nude or black, these are the perfect pair of shoes to team with this dress.

Finish the outfit off with a hot pair of gold earrings and you have yourself the three C’s, a classy, cool and chic outfit.

Be sure to check out their website for more LBD’s, I seriously wanted to choose the whole lot! (Must refrain oneself)

Let me know what you think!

Love, Leanne xo

Spring evening make-up

I luckily spent a beautiful long weekend in the Lake District with my boyfriend. The hotel was absolutely stunning and best of all, it had the best lighting ever to do my make-up. A very rare find in hotels I think!

So my evening look for dinner I went with a nice plum lippy, a dewy foundation and light smokey eye with golden shades.

I feel like this look is perfect for a spring evening. Not too heavy, a nice pop of colour and still fresh and dewy.


To create this look I used the following;

-Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
-Bobbi Brown Loose Powder
-Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
-L’Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer
-Naked 2 Palette – Foxy, Bootycall and Half Baked on the lids, corners of my eyes and under the brow line. Snakebite in the crease of my eyelids.
-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
-Collection 2000 Liquid eyeliner in black
-A touch of MAC Copper Sparkle to my eyelids and cheekbones as a highlighter
-Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 30
-MAC Eyebrow pencil in dark brown

We went for a beautiful dinner at a restaurant called Porto in Windermere which I highly recommend and stayed in an incredible hotel, Aphrodites Hotel & Lodges. The pictures on my instagram pretty much say it all!

See ya soon!

Leanne xo

Does the perfect foundation exist?

I, like most women, change my mind every five minutes. One minute I cannot live without a certain product in my make-up kit and then the next, I hate it and will never use the stuff again.

I find I change my mind far too often about my foundation. Please note, not every five minutes, can you imagine how much that would cost?!

My most recent favourite has been the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation. When I first used this, as you can probably guess, I fell in love with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and use it daily but I always manage to find something wrong with every foundation I use. The problem with Clinique products in my opinion is the tones, if you naturally have tanned/olive skin then Clinique is the brand for you. Annoyingly I have one of those skin tones that is just in-between olive and pale – this is the root of all my problems.


The thing I love about this product the most is the coverage, you get a nice full face of foundation without feeling like it is sitting thick on your skin. It is also a combination of concealer and foundation, so for early risers like myself you can kill two birds with one stone! It has a wonderful doe foot applicator which allows you to apply just as little or just as much product that you need on your face.

Now the thing I hate about this product is the greasiness by the end of the day. After a day’s work I look so shiny (with powder touch-ups too, may I add) that you could fry an egg on my forehead!! Seriously not a good look. I have read other bloggers reviews about this foundation being good for oily skin due to the formulation, but I have to say I completely disagree.

So I am now back to the drawing board. Which way do you go when you have tried the lot? I wonder whether I am missing out on some amazing wonder products that not many people know about. In turn I also have to wonder whether I am just too god damn fussy! Either way – spill the beans!

Ciao for now, Leanne xo